denim, leather, and sweat

et domus sumus.


What's it about

Affogato [ ah-faw-gah-toh ] noun. an Italian dessert of vanilla gelato with hot espresso poured over the top. 

I'm a photographer based out of Las Vegas, recently transplanted to Salt Lake City. This is a collective of my never ending sexual and kinky journey documenting who I meet along the way. There's no telling where this is going. (18+ only)

Art in Sex and Kink

Sex is different for every person on the planet. We all have a unique perspective and approach to love, lust and sexuality. I want to share those times and shine a light on them, whether they're captured in the moment or recreated. 

What's your story?

There is sexiness in average. There is richness in diversity. We all have a unique perspective and story to tell. And I love to listen. 

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